Is Your E-mail Costing You Money?

Reduce your time, costs and chances of infection from malware and viruses

Sam and Susan the antispam team

E-mail Spam, scam, and viruses could be costing your business with lost revenue in both lost time and potentially lost resources. When a high level of spam is experienced it can take in excess of 30 minutes per morning to manually check and remove spam from an inbox. If you have five employee's this is effectively two and a half hours per day, which is, if you work five days a week, 12.5 hours. Nearly two and half man days per week. Couple this with lost resources due to virus infections, and spyware and that is a lot of downtime.

IT-MK Limited have teamed up with some of the industry leaders in antispam, antivirus, and antiscam scanning and filtering, to bring an affordable, effective solution to this problem. For a small monthly fee, your e-mail is redirected via a spam scanning host. Servers at this host then scan the mail for virus infections, assess the senders trust level, read and score the contents, the mail is then put into one of four categories. The first category is straight forward delivery, the second is mark as suspect spam and deliver, the third is mark as spam and quarantine, the last is obvious spam, delete. By outsourcing your e-mail scanning you win in several different ways. Firstly the time taken to clear spam messages is drastically reduced, secondly, your mail arrives virus free and mostly free of spam, lastly, your internet connection is under less load as the obvious high level spam is deleted before it hits your server, which means it does not have to traverse your Internet connection, and is prevented from potentially causing an IT Support nightmare.

Spam is a serious issue, if you are suffering the consequences then it is time to talk to the experts here at IT-MK Limited simply contact us and we will discuss your options and work out the best course of action for your business.