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Our Services

Our main goal is meeting our customers expectations and budget.  We pride ourselves on our innovative and flexible approach.  Having industry relevant experience has often afforded us the opportunity to put forward additional solutions that were previously not considered.  In many cases saving both time and money.

Remote Support

All of our contract customers benefit from our extensive integration with remote system monitoring, allowing us to keep their sites up-to-date with patches and head off issues before they become problems.  This also allows for a rapid technician response to end user issues.

Fully Equipped Workshop

Our workshop has the latest hardware and software available to aid us in providing the best level of repair possible for PC's and Servers.

Disaster Recovery Solutions

Unfortunately in todays world disaster recovery planning is no longer a optional step.  Disasters have to be planned for and with out knowledge we can provide solutions that take advantage of proven technology to ensure your business can survive.

Site Services

We provide a full line of on-site services including new installations, fault finding, network cabling, and hardware / software inventories.


Often solutions can seem to be very complex and not always explained in easy to understand language.  One of our biggest advantages is being able to explain systems and solutions in an easy to understand way. 

Cloud Backup

Cloud backup is provided through our strong and valued partnership with BackupVault.  Providing co-located reliable, end to end encrypted cloud backup of your most sensitive data.

What Our Clients Say

Nicola Smithson

IT-MK have provided my business with a consultation and solution that was not on our radar.  It works extremely well and came in well below our initial budget.  They have always answered our calls for help and are always polite, friendly and professional.
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